Hollywood Juice Diet: A Miracle Diet

The Hollywood Juice Diet can be undertaken over two periods – 24-hours or 48-hours. Theoretically you will lose a maximum of 5 pounds in 24 hours by following a special, trademarked fast for one or two days. Both the 24-hour Miracle Diet and the 48-hour Miracle Diet are free from ephedra and caffeine. The Hollywood Juice Diet involves sipping on a mixture of natural juices, botanical extracts and water throughout the day. No extra food should be consumed whilst undertaking the Hollywood Juice Diet. A unique blend of orange, lemon, tangerine and bermagot essential oils is an extra ingredient in the Hollywood 48-hour Juice Diet. It is recommended that both the Hollywood 24-hour and 48-hour Juice Diet should be undertaken in conjunction with the 30-day Miracle Program. Either diet can however be used independently of the 30-day Miracle Program.

Advantages and Benefits of The Hollywood Juice Diet

  • Caffeine free
  • Ephedra free
  • Incorporates exercise into the diet
  • Concept of undertaking a liquid fast for a few days to lose some weight and cleanse the system is supported by many health professionals
  • Both the Hollywood 24- and 48-hour Juice Diet are made up of quality ingredients
  • Because of the rapid weight loss, it is an avenue for someone looking to slim down quickly

Disadvantages of The Hollywood Juice Diet

  • Restricted from consuming any other food; low calorie intake
  • Liquid fasting may be too restrictive or dangerous for some people
  • There is no clear evidence that the Hollywood Juice Diet will result in sustained loss of weight
  • Is recommended to be undertaken in conjunction with the 30-day Miracle Program so results could be a little misleading
  • Weight loss is from loss of water not fat

Nutrition and The Hollywood Juice Diet

For every 24 hours that you are on the diet, regardless of whether you choose the 24- or 48-hour option you must:

  • Not consume any other beverages or foods
  • Consume one entire bottle of diet juice
  • Drink eight glass of water
  • Abstain from smoking

Exercising on The Hollywood Juice Diet

Whilst you should refrain from strenuous exercise routines whilst on the 24- or 48-hour Hollywood Juice Diet, you are able and encouraged to exercise moderately.

Some Final Thoughts About the Hollywood Juice Diet

There are conflicting opinions on the virtue of fasting or liquid fasting. Some medical professionals believe that the human body is able to rid itself of toxins without having to undertake a fast. However, undertaking a one or two day fast or liquid fast has been, for many years, a widely adopted method to detox, lose weight quickly and even to reduce fevers.

When closely examining and assessing the key components that make up the Hollywood Juice Diet it appears that the fasting liquid is, in fact, little more than an elaborate fruit juice enhanced with vitamins and minerals. By consuming diluted fruit juice and a good multivitamin you could perhaps achieve similar weight loss and detoxification results. Whilst the 24- or 48-hour Hollywood Juice Diet could promote weight loss, it should be remembered water weight rather than fat is being lost.

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