Carrot Juice Diet for Weight Loss and Detox

It is important to approach any extreme or fad diet with a degree of skepticism and caution. Recently, whilst browsing the internet, I came across numerous websites advocating extreme, raw juice diets. These diets would undoubtedly leave your body severely malnourished. It would be virtually impossible to fortify these raw juices with all the vitamins, minerals and fiber that they are lacking, and that you body needs to survive. I am astounded at the number of ludicrous diets that are promoted on the Internet. I can only hope that people do not seriously considering following them. It is important to approach dieting in a sensible manner. Healthy living is hard work balancing and diversifying your nutritional intake. You will not achieve much by only drinking raw juice.

I would like to focus specifically on one claim which concerns carrot juice. Inexplicably, carrot juice is being touted online as a panacea for every disease, sickness and ailment. It is being recommended as the only thing a person should consume. Obviously you cannot diet on raw carrot juice alone. To even suggest that you can is absurd. Carrot juice will not cure heart disease or cancer – it contains no magical properties! Not only do I love carrot juice, but I also I consume it on a daily basis. I am one of its biggest fans but claims that are surfacing about its benefits are laughable. Carrot juice can definitely be a cornerstone of a well balanced, healthy diet as it provides your body with many essential vitamins and minerals, but it is just one piece of a very large and complex puzzle.

Further, if you are trying to lose weight, I will not hesitate to say that carrot juice is the wrong juice for you to be drinking. The reason for this is that it contains a great deal of natural sugar. When you diet you should aim to gradually lower your calorie intake while maintaining healthy blood sugar level. For a person who is lowering their calorie intake, a glass of carrot juice will cause a sharp spike in blood sugar levels resulting in increased blood pressure and a feeling similar to that experienced after eating a large chocolate bar. The sugar content of carrot juice is similar to that of fruit juice if not higher. If you want to drink raw juice while dieting you are better to consider beetroot juice, spinach juice, tomato juice or any other juice which contains significantly less sugar.

Personally I avoid dieting altogether. Most health care professionals agree that because people diet incorrectly they will lose weight but they will also be creating long term detrimental side effects for their bodies. The most effective strategy to maintaining healthy body weight is to consume plenty of nutritious foods, avoid an inactive lifestyle and get plenty of exercise. While carrot juice can be a beneficial daily nutritional supplement for those who enjoy drinking it, you should not base your entire diet around carrot juice alone. If you are following a strict, calorie controlled diet, and you are considering incorporating carrot juice into the program, be sure to consult with a nutritionist for expert advice. A sensible and balanced approach to dieting is critical and extreme diets should always be carefully scrutinized.


  1. Josh says:

    I was researching the benefits of carrot juice and saw diets for fasting with only carrot juice. I wasn’t interested in the fasting but some might be. Thanks for writing this up as this is a sensible approach to a balanced diet. I can only imagine the time some of these people spend on the pot while fasting with carrot juice only.

  2. Teresa says:

    So you think that the SAD (Standard American Diet) if far more nutritious than juicing fresh fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals?

  3. autumn says:

    I don’t know where these people get their infomation from, but Fresh Carrot juice is one of the best raw juice’s a body could intake. Not only for healing heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, and yes even some cancer’s. Fresh Carrot is one of the best juice’s to help pervent against brest cancer! What we intake is where we get vit. and min. from. All types of food.( Either juicing or eating.) The best thing you can do for your body is a 3 to 8 day Fresh Organic Carrot Juice with your own juicer. Our bodies collect so many toxins that its important that we keep it cleaned out..
    I have worked with people with High blood suger. They started out with small amounts of carrot juice daily. You have to work with your body. Your body will tell you what it needs. Guess what after a diet of raw organic carrot juice and better choice of foods (grains) no more high blood sugar! High Blood Pressure? Drink 16-24oz. of Fresh Carrot Juice a day instead of a meal. In time, NO more high blood pressure meds.! And the way your body will feel is GREAT! YOU will notice how much better you feel.
    I’m living proff of everything I spoke of. Don’t ever underestamate the power of raw foods God put on this earth for us to stay healthy and help our bodies heal.

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